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teddy  future mechanical engieer
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That's a serious case of bedhead

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@starbright, good luck on your next adventures in los angeles with your family. I'll miss our heart to hearts and double date nights, but you're not too far away that you won't see me on a regular basis.

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The Monet exhibit is worth the experience

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Museum date with @chickenlittle #LateMonet

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El out here looking so cuddly, how am I supposed to leave for school?

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The hair was a choice i will never be able to live down

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@noratheexplorer encourages my overindulgent eating

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napa mornings

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Charlotte, I'm more than stoked to be your husband and part of your life. Your mind and spirit inspire me everyday. Happy Valentine's Day, I love you.

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The future of technology is here @bytoncars

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Finally had a chance yesterday to stop by the @bgcp to see some of my favorite kids. They may have missed me as much as I missed them.

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