a semi-first anniversary when: august 7 thru august 10, 2020
where: pebble beach resort. a three night stay in palmero suite at casa palmero at pebble beach.

since theodore is a sentimental sap of a human being, he thought the best way to spend max's birthday weekend was to go back to the place where everything started happening and feelings were really felt. they'll make the drive (can we say rental porsche?) all the way to pebble beach on friday, late afternoon or evening whatever time maxwell gets off work. worry not, sidney and dibbles are being the big dog leaders in milena's new home since they're the normal animals that won't require the attention an alien cat and blind dog will. and maybe teddy will have sucked it up enough to face arwen on his own (though vaguely terrified).

saturday will generally be reserved for a morning and day of golf, complete with drinks and golf cart shenanigans. but let's not get kicked out like in years past maxwell. they'll end the day with a dinner reservation at the tap room, where there will be a wild and surprising apperance by a dressed up teddy. there really aren't enough pictures of noah actually put together nicely that i haven't already used, so let's just use our imagination and imagine he looks like a whole meal.

sunday will be a day for spa going, relaxing poolside at the beach & tennis club. or even funnier they can go equestrian riding because why the hell not? seems like something random and funny that i would do. there's also the availability of a spa at their disposal, really sunday can be a whatever it is max wants to do day. teddy doesn't like to plan down to the minute.

and finally monday, will there be birthday balloons and overly priced breakfast being delivered? probably. they can finally head home when checkout is forced upon them, but it really won't be the end of celebrating max. because yes there will be a surprise dinner party at milena's planned and decorated by her.