2/9/2020 12:44 AM PST

Domenick Hotel heir Maxwell Reilly's boyfriend may be fast, but he isn't fast enough... 'cause UCSF Medical Center security footage caught a glimpse of him rushing Reilly to the Emergency Room following last week's shooting.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that Theodore Soriano can be clearly seen stopping abruptly as he arrived at the hospital with Reilly in his arms shortly after 2 AM PST on February 2nd before quickly leaving the Emergency Room faster than the eye can see.

According to the security footage, the Stanford University graduate arrives back at UCSF Medical before 2:30 AM visibly upset where he spent the remainder of the evening in the waiting room. At this time, sources are unable to confirm if Soriano was present at the time of the shooting and what exactly had occurred prior to the incident.

TMZ has only been able to confirm with insiders that the former athlete is none other than the speedster; Quicksilver. Reports are also being received that the young man is the biological son of Elias Lerner, founder and CEO of Magnetron Biotech.

Reilly was released from the hospital after being cleared from his injuries on Friday. Last month, TMZ confirmed the identities of several superheros in the San Francisco area. Sources have reached out to Soriano for comment with no response.