expressions of love

soul mates sunday, september 30

“There’s was no one else I would ever marry.”

Charlotte’s gentle reminder pulls a smile at the corners of his mouth. He’s never doubted the way she felt about him since they reconnected over Thanksgiving break last fall; Teddy’s always known that their life was tied together by something stronger than the way they felt. But her words still stir up an excitement inside of him that washes over his body in a flood of emotion that can only be described as unfiltered love.

“That's because in every life, in every universe; you are mine and I am yours.”

Being vulnerable hasn’t always come easily to him, he’d always been a kid that hid behind faces of confidence and false happiness. But he’s learned through his relationship with her over the years that it’s okay to need reassurance and it’s okay to allow someone to see more than just what sits on the surface.

“You know, you make me believe in soul mates.”

“We've been through some shit, Charlie. And we're still here, as in love with each other as we were in high school. I don't know about other people, but I know that you are my soul mate.”

“We'll probably be through some more shit before the day is done, Theodore, but I haven't stopped loving you for one breath or one second from the day that I met you. Whatever other people have going on, you are my soul mate and the only person in the world who could ever hold my heart.”

His arms reach out across the bed until he can slide her across the mess of blankets and she’s sitting on top of his lap. He leans in to press a kiss against her forehead, her cheek, the tip of her nose and finally her lips. This is his happiness, his heaven on earth.

immersion monday, october 1

“C’mon, babe. There’s no way that George will find out.”

He’s spent the better part of the last half an hour trying to convince her to let him use his abilities to run her out to Boston to see her dad. The recent relocation of their lives hasn’t been lost on both of them, but the move to San Francisco cost her far more than it ever cost him. A chance to share her life with George Little in more than just the daily phone calls. It’s the reason why he’s been planning to bring the former FBI agent out to visit for her birthday as a surprise.

“I’ll bet you on it.”

Laying all of his weight on top of her, he settles comfortably between her legs in an act of the type of obnoxious behavior she’s come to expect from Teddy when he’s trying to get his way.

“What are we betting?”

“What did I ever do to deserve this?” Her hands push at the tops of his shoulders, as she laughs under his weight. “I don't know, what do you want?

“Be perfect and fucking beautiful is what you did.” When he moves, the movement is only enough to take the majority of his weight from crushing her as he shifts most of into the the back of the couch. “I don’t know, I have everything I want.”

“I can't even stop doing that either.” As she pauses, his brown eyes watch her contemplating exactly what it is they could bet on that the other wanted or needed. “Yeah, I’m drawing a blank too.”

“It’s your fault I want to spend my every free moment I have completely immersed in your presence. Spiritually, physically… I just want to entangle my existence with yours.”

It doesn’t take long for a blush to color her cheeks a light red and it makes him smile. Because even after nine years, he’s still amazed that he has any sort of effect on her.

“You’re too much, you know that?”

I have no clue what you’re talking about.

dr. aron's study tuesday, october 2

“You big romantic, listen to this.”

The sound of her voice pulls his attention span away from the poetry book they’d picked up earlier in the week as he shifts his head from her lap to look up at her. They’ve only officially been living together for nearly two weeks and already, they’ve found a rhythm in their nighttime routine. Rotating the knowledge of information they picked up throughout the day, sometimes sitting in a comfortable silence as they studied while the other uses their fingers to play with strands of blonde or brown hair. This time it’s her turn as she reads him an article about falling in love with a stranger. For a silent moment, after she finishes the article, his hand instinctively reaches up to grab her own and lace their fingers together while he contemplates the article itself.

Hadn’t they at one point the same two strangers in the article? First in childhood, both of which could barely recall, and again in their teenage years. They’d both been open to the idea of one another, hesitant until he made his first steps towards building their own trust and intimacy.

“Love is an amazing feeling when you fully let go of those inhibitions and just... just exist in a time that is made up of two people experiencing the same moment in its wholeness.”

At his core, he’s a young man that loves love and the joy it’s brought into his life by experiencing many moments with her that they both only existed in. It’s in every morning and every night they lay beside one another with no distractions.

“Do you want to stare into my eyes for four minutes?”

Her question makes him smile widely, and without hesitation, he sits up from his former position until he’s facing her. “Yes,” he finally answers as he settles in until both of his legs are on each side of her body and hers around his. Teddy’s fingers touch around on the screen of his phone until he sets the timer for exactly four minutes before quickly discarding it on the pillow beside them.

It doesn’t take as long as one might think for the background noise of their roommate rustling around in the kitchen for a late night snack to disappear into a dull noise before altogether disappearing once he looks into her bright blue eyes. He’s looked into her eyes a million times before; in silence, during arguments, making love, and each time he knows he’s given a piece of his soul to her.

As he looks into her eyes, he feels all the things the woman in the article felt. Brave, in awe, vulnerable. He sees all the strength that compromises all that she is and all the gentleness to balance out the inner power that she possesses. Through her, he knows that the future they’re building will be filled with love and brightness.